TMAC Success Stories

Lamons Gasket

  • Increased shop floor productivity
  • Improved morale
  • Office space optimized

Lamons Gasket is one of the largest gasket and bolt suppliers in the world. They feature leading technology and state of the art manufacturing facilities capable of producing engineered products to custom specifications. They primarily serve the refining, chemical, power generation, and pulp and paper industries. In 2006, their Gulf Coast facility encountered a major challenge.


The Lamons Freeport branch is strategically located close to the bay. When Hurricane Rita hit the Texas coast, it caused disruption to their operation. Supply chain, raw materials, distribution channels, and order volume were all affected as the region dealt with the damage. Financial impacts were estimated at $100K.


TMAC was working in the area to assist business get back on track. After meetings with the Lamons Gasket Branch Manager, Tammy Fillip, TMAC conducted an assessment in the shop floor to identify opportunities to strengthen operations.

Luis de la Torre, TMAC Specialist, suggested training on Principles of Lean Manufacturing for the front line associates.

TMAC workshops provided training on the Principles of Lean, specifically 5S. In these sessions, proven improvement techniques were described in detail, to give the participants adequate understanding of the value and usefulness of the Lean methodology. The training is designed to increase shop-floor organization and to generate buy-in to a continuous improvement mentality. Both of these factors translate into greater productivity on the shop floor.


The training impact was evaluated by Mrs. Fillip as “a successful 5S program. It really got us looking at problem areas in our warehouse and has everyone looking around to see where we can be better. Since we are adding on to our office space and it is a blank slate we will cut our teeth on that area to set it up correctly from the start.”

Other important effects of this training were seen on employee morale “Several employees have come to me with ideas on where to start so I know that it is on their minds.”

Through the challenges presented by the hurricane, Lamons Gasket did not waver on their commitment to quality or customer support. The TMAC training helped them by keeping frontline employees engaged and operating at the highest levels of efficiency.

Lamons Gasket continues to thrive as one of the world’s largest gasket and bolt suppliers.

County: Brazoria
Industry: Gasket – Manufacturing
Services Provided: Principles of Lean Principles, with emphasis on 5S Applications